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About Swimalicious

Swimalicious is a leading Australian swimwear label for women who want to feel empowered in their swimwear regardless of shape, size or age.

We are based on the beautiful Central Coast in NSW, Australia and believe in happiness, kindness and fun along with quality, comfortable, affordable swimwear for everybody.

Living on the Central Coast, we are surrounded by amazing beauty and our designs come from the inspiration of the beach lifestyle and our stunning environment.
We also know that confident women stand out naturally which is why we’ve created a swimwear range that makes you feel sexy and self assured too.

We know to find the perfect swimsuit matters to you because it matters to us.

We hope you enjoy looking at our range and that you find a piece you love
We are designing new styles and fabrics all the time so watch this space and sign-up for our monthly newsletter too if you would like to be the first to know.
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Angie Bowen, a family-focused, creative, hardworking single mum of two boys! Started her gorgeous floral swimwear range as she needed a bit more femininity in her life far away from soccer, mud, Xbox and Pokémon! 

From a young age, Angie loved being arty and soon started thinking of business ideas that involved designing clothing and swimwear in particular. Throughout her twenties/thirties this developed into a real life passion and Swimalicious was created.

It wasn't just the love for swimwear that started Swimalicious, Angie had a true desire to create swimwear that makes women feel empowered wearing it. 

We want you to know you can be sexy at any age and you don't have to wear boring swimwear. Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself. You're worth it! 

We hope you enjoy the label as much as we have enjoyed designing it for you.